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How about sitting in the comfort of your bean bag and typing away on the laptop on a weekday? How about working for yourself at your own hours and making money on your own terms and conditions? How about being your own boss and having as many coffee breaks as you need? If you are not working for a company or organization, does that mean you are unemployed and jobless? Being “unemployed” and “jobless” is not such a bad thing. If you could see that it could be one of the greatest things in life. You have the freedom to hire yourself and give yourself a job and declare yourself as “self-employed”.

Work your own hours

Enjoying a wonderful brunch at Cafe Amsterdam, Bahrain while gathering content for my latest blog post

Work life by the pool. During my stay at Radisson Blu, Bahrain.

We live in a wonderful world with the latest technology trends that are changing by the minute and in this world one of the fastest growing Internet and Work from Wherever (WFW) jobs at the moment may be starting your own online retail business. This is a work from wherever job that may be a wonderful opportunity for many stay-at-home workers, especially those who love to travel and work. It is an easy job, easy to learn, and profitable, too.

There are many benefits that come from this wonderful WFW job. Commissions you make can be large. You’ll be able to help family and friends save on their shopping, all the while making a profit for yourself! With proper planning, your WFW job will be smooth sailing once you have a fixed schedule and pattern to stick to, like what time of the day you want to attend to your business and what promotion strategy you need to apply to maximize your clientele. This job leaves you with plenty of free time for the rest of the day to work on your other money-making jobs. The best part of this business is the choices and freedoms you will enjoy. Get started on a career that will literally take you places today! You, along with your family and friends, will be happy you did!








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Recently Departed Lover

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Came across this really interesting display of art during an art show, which I visited recently where everything was cut in half from wall decor to canapé, the tables, wall clock, much to my surprise the television with half the screen and half a dvd player into the bargain.


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In the sense of being incomplete and fragmentary forms and structures here evokes the hollowed out presence of a recently departed lover. Part fetish and part traumatic object, they figure the impossibility of completion and the subjective destitution that it can leave behind-they are the torn halves of an integral whole to which however they do not add up.

Through this show, the artist wishes to confront the viewer with the prosaic reality of human relationships in this era of unapologetic individualism, reckless consumerism, and overbearing technology. In this show, the evolving socio-economic structures and the accompanying breakdown of traditional systems of values and beliefs have resulted in a new stage where relationships become areas of intense power struggle.

Artist: Deepjyoti Kalita

Art Show: Amour Fou