My first Abaya

Good Evening from Manama! πŸ™‚ This post is part of a series on our trip to Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic Centre located in Juffair, Manama which is only a short 5 minutes walking distance from my apartment. Instead of struggling with what to wear, I just grabbed my black AbayaΒ  (the first time I wore anContinue reading “My first Abaya”

The Arabian Diaries-Day 22-My Happy Place

IΒ know that when you take the time for a few minutes every day to notice the positive, it does make a difference in your whole attitude. It does not make the problems go away but it can give you the confidence to be able to handle them a little better. We all need a β€œhappyContinue reading “The Arabian Diaries-Day 22-My Happy Place”

The Arabian Diaries-Day 28-A Misty Evening

Everything seems more epic on a rainy day. Coffee and evening sky at the balcony is just a coffee and evening sky. But Coffee and evening sky in the rain? Much more interesting. Love the way that city shines. The air is clear and cold, the streets are damp and clean, and that fresh rainContinue reading “The Arabian Diaries-Day 28-A Misty Evening”