A Year full Of Surprises

It’s Boxing Day 2015 and my husband and I are feeling full of love, food and Rehydrate after last night. We were planning to go on a trip to the King Fahd Causeway that links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, but have changed mind, decided to stay home, order food, watch movies (that are added to our queue of must-see films) andContinue reading “A Year full Of Surprises”

Home of Motorsport in the Middle East

I went to the Bahrain International Circuit on December 16. It was my first race circuit experience and a fantastic one altogether. Bahrain itself is an incredible country, experiencing that furious development the gulf has recently become famous for. The circuit is 30 km from Manama (from where i stay) and it takes around 35 minutes to getContinue reading “Home of Motorsport in the Middle East”

Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite

 Good Evening from Manama!! 🙂  This place has a very light atmosphere with bright colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise somewhere, my heart always skips a beat. My husband and I joined a friend here for a quick snack as we were picking up some groceries, the service team are very friendly andContinue reading “Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite”

Northern Run

After showing you around the western and the eastern part of my new neighborhood, it’s time again for yet another part of the neighborhood stroll and this time it’s gonna be the Northern part, my absolute favorite in the neighborhood. This part of the neighborhood has a lot to offer. I like to start at the corner of Marvida Tower ( my currentContinue reading “Northern Run”

Hungry for More-Day 30-The Arabian Diaries

Last week I gave readers an inside scoop on the best of Western part of the neighborhood, so it is only fair to give Eastern part some love 🙂  Eastern Part is a quaint neighborhood nestled between other little areas of Juffair such as Al Shabab Road and Bahrain’s coastline. The area is the site ofContinue reading “Hungry for More-Day 30-The Arabian Diaries”