2015 in review

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A Year full Of Surprises

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It’s Boxing Day 2015 and my husband and I are feeling full of love, food and Rehydrate after last night. We were planning to go on a trip to the King Fahd Causeway that links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, but have changed mind, decided to stay home, order food, watch movies (that are added to our queue of must-see films) and drink Coffee ❤ 

This year we had Christmas in a new country and we were absolutely enchanted with the festive spirit and Father Christmas! It may not have been a traditional Christmas braai but it was our Christmas and one that we’ll cherish for many years to come.



It was one of the best Gifts on Christmas Day ever



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Christmas lights are always so twisted..But I like them so much 🙂 ❤


Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2015. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year wherever you are and whatever you did 🙂



Home of Motorsport in the Middle East

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I went to the Bahrain International Circuit on December 16. It was my first race circuit experience and a fantastic one altogether. Bahrain itself is an incredible country, experiencing that furious development the gulf has recently become famous for. The circuit is 30 km from Manama (from where i stay) and it takes around 35 minutes to get there by car. As it was the 44th National Day of Bahrain, it took us about 3 hours to reach there due to the celebrations and heavy traffic. 

fotor_(357) fotor_(358) InstagramCapture_2a693113-c7ad-47d4-8dcd-6bda25e211af InstagramCapture_8b1b4d9b-8434-4f41-b732-2b2f3819cf72 InstagramCapture_1236e247-d43f-4d00-8703-efd00c4f9e1b InstagramCapture_5706ea74-5e7b-4411-9463-536be1ba4109 InstagramCapture_ca7e7fab-f14e-46f0-8c07-0ddd594b7a04 InstagramCapture_d3531af5-47db-486f-ae80-10f02e1ffde4

Apologies for the quality of the photo people, they were clicked with my mobile phone and the camera modes somehow just weren’t working right that evening, but it gives a flavor of the celebrations.  

 The drive to the circuit is quite incredible.. scenic dessert landscape the whole way, then suddenly the massive entrance to the complex and the huge round princes tower suddenly pops into view. Its literally in the middle of the dessert. The organisation and facilities were of world class standard. We were dropped off at the entrance right in front of our grandstand.

The distinctive Al-Sakhir Tower of the Formula One Racetrack rises above the surrounding desert like a beacon. If you are visiting Bahrain out of season and are curious to see what a state-of-the-art race track looks like, then you can join a 40-minute tour of the grounds, including the media centre and race control room, and even take a lap around the circuit.

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There are also opportunities to see drag racing at the circuit and to experience four-wheel driving (BD12 for 25-minute ride; BD65 for self-drive). Go-carting (BD10 for 15-minute drive) is available daily.

Thank y’all for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them, and if you have any questions make sure you leave a comment! Save and share the places you love in your city ❤ Until my next post ✌❤️🔥 



Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite

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 Good Evening from Manama!! 🙂 

Bluefield Burger Evening Snack

This place has a very light atmosphere with bright colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise somewhere, my heart always skips a beat. My husband and I joined a friend here for a quick snack as we were picking up some groceries, the service team are very friendly and the food is well priced, fresh and tasty. The drinks are presented well and again are tasty and freshly made. Try the Homemade Greek Ice tea. They are quick and convenient, a good option for a quick bite and potentially a more substantial meal.

I love Bluefield’s menu. I believe they serve the best hot-dog in the whole Bahrain. My favorites are Chicken Quesadilla, Salmon Fillet and Aegean Cheese Rolls. The breakfast menu is also very good and the Coffee is great! I will become a loyal customer for sure 🙂 A lovely place to be I’ll certainly recommend it to family and friends.

Save and share the places you love in your city in the comments below! ❤



Northern Run

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After showing you around the western and the eastern part of my new neighborhood, it’s time again for yet another part of the neighborhood stroll and this time it’s gonna be the Northern part, my absolute favorite in the neighborhood. This part of the neighborhood has a lot to offer. I like to start at the corner of Marvida Tower ( my current apartment) and Marriott Executive Apartments and then head east. There’s a nice loop, just under 6 miles that can be done without a single traffic light. 

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I love this path, and usually take a stroll or run on it. It’s a nice scenic loop, always lots of folks are out enjoying the bike path, fishing or just enjoying a great view of the Sea and the City.  Makes for a nice morning run, or an evening sunset stroll. Lovely way to see part of Manama!! 

Will share more about the place in the coming weeks.. Now  it’s time to say good night. Good Night. Sleep Tight and Stay Healthy 🙂 



Hungry for More-Day 30-The Arabian Diaries

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Last week I gave readers an inside scoop on the best of Western part of the neighborhood, so it is only fair to give Eastern part some love 🙂 


Eastern Part is a quaint neighborhood nestled between other little areas of Juffair such as Al Shabab Road and Bahrain’s coastline. The area is the site of frenetic building activity, with new apartment buildings and hotels constructed each year and the  suburban neighborhood houses many restaurants and retail outlets, such as McDonalds, Chilli’s, Nando’s, Asian Zyng, Dairy Queen, Hardee’s, Starbucks, Abraj Grills, and Burger King, etc.  

Generally, visitors tend to gravitate toward the Shabab Avenue, the place offers delicious food, events, a variety of shopping, and a diverse subculture of people. I’ve been to this place couple of times with my husband and friends. I call this segment of road ”The American Alley” due to the several American fast food restaurants and the numerous Americans who go there. Very Americanized! 

One also gets to see the city’s best street art and graffiti  in this part of the world. You’ll often find culture and traditions in the form of street art here.

Eastern part is a small neighborhood with a big voice. I’m starting to feel right at home now in the hustle and bustle of the city! So far, Bahrain has been a delight to the senses. The smells, sounds, lights, traffic and the entire pace of life is at first overwhelming- but it’s the cultural differences I experience in my travels that always leave the biggest impression and keep me hungry for more.

So grateful for the new friends and memories I am making and for connecting with some of my readers out on the Island! Tell us what you love about your neighborhood. 🙂 Until my next post ✌❤️🔥