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10268421_10203750037580238_1581768733978896177_nSummer is creeping up fast here in New Delhi! Summer is all about florals and fruity fragrances. Its the perfect time to get yourself a brand new perfume that smells every bit of summer! I am falling in love with this refreshing summer scent of Heat Rush (a gift from a fren). It is less fruity and feminine than some scents of summer. ❤ This divine Perfume Fragrance, Shower Gel and Body Cream smells just like bottled up happiness.

It’s amazing how much a new scent can change your outlook, your mood, and your style! A trip to the perfume counter can be a little intimidating – all those perfumes!– but  a little guidance goes a long way. It took me a long time to pick the perfect signature scent for myself. I recently repurchased ‘Chance’ by Chanel, I could not but mention my favorite perfume, I am now on my fifth bottle, and I have never loved it as much.chan

Perhaps I can accredit my love for this perfume to the fact that I first got it as a birthday present when i was living in Guwahati almost five years ago now. It was my first Chanel perfume experience, and I could not actually have picked better myself. I also think of this perfume as my lucky perfume.


Purchased at the airport during my trip to Mumbai two years ago!!




Another one of my favorites-loewe quizas pasion perfume cum deodorant. it is all about spring – it’s fresh, light, and so pretty!It’s unusual, but in a very good way… it’s sure to get you noticed. This is a classic perfume for a reason! It’s exotic yet simple, with a fresh, sweet scent.

In a word: lush. I really love this fragrance. I also adore the different shapes and sizes of these bottles. I have an entire collection of Bvlgari miniature collection perfume. If you’re indecisive, fickle about fragrances or just happen to love all of the scents in a particular collection, a miniature set is a great choice.


Minis are small, sweet and make great gifts!


It lends instant elegance and femininity to any vanity, and a great savior at times. It’s equally functional in its ease of portability. Popping one in a purse or stashing a few in a desk drawer at the office is a common habit for fragrance connoisseurs. I put aside a couple of them on my altar. Small sizes equate to greater purchasing power for the savvy shopper; it’s possible to purchase a handful of miniatures and still not pay even close to the price of a full size fragrance.


Which of these perfumes is your own favorite? Or is there another scent you’ve tried recently that I should add to my list? Let me know down below!




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