Unexpected Visitors Pop In


With all the things needed to properly stock your urban kitchen, selecting the right ones can seem overwhelming, you may be overwhelmed in picking out the right kind that reflects your unique personality. Make your unexpected visitors pop in at home event awesome with some of the beautiful kitchenware hand-picked by us. 

A little peek at some of our beautiful kitchenware, drink-ware, serve-ware and chic-storage glass decanters for your home and kitchen-

Beautiful Palm Ivory Wine Glasses, with a sophisticated vintage feel. Great finishing and detail! { Rs. 4,300 } free shipping ❤


Code No. SAN405 Height: 21 centimetres ( Set Of 6 )


Code No. SAN404

Multi purpose glass decanter with Height: 10 inches, Diameter: 3.5 inches. Versatility incarnate, this clear glass Beaker holds water, sparkling wine, fresh fruit juice or irresistible cocktails.


Code No. SAN403 { Rs. 550 }

This is how you say Goodbye to a dull milk carton! Transform storage into elegance with this straightforward, no nonsense glass sealed bottle.


Code No. SAN402 { Rs. 750 }

How about serving some magical potion of fragrant tea and honey, or a refreshing cup of healthy green tea in this lovely ceramic mug!!


Code No. SAN407{ Rs. 2100, Set Of 6 }

Get creative! What better gift than a set of glassware for your special occasion.

I am so happy to finally give you a little peek at these beautiful range of collection.  I’m hoping to be back soon with another range of kitchenware. You can purchase them by simply popping me a PM or leaving your comments below.

Thanks y’all for dropping by my blog. Any and all feedback on it is welcome. Until my next post take care everyone.



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