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I always consider myself as a simple Buddhist follower, I have some kind of confidence in it, and thus I want to study it more. Yesterday, I was invited by my friend from McLeodganj Monastery to attend a Prayer lead by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the occasion of Je Tsongkhapa’s death anniversary (Gaden Ngamchoe) at Buddha Jayanti Park in New Delhi. At first I was not very sure that I will go considering the chilly, foggy morning and early hours of the event but I did not want to miss out on the amazing opportunity to hear His Holiness speak directly to us.  I wanted it so bad, i decided to go against all the odds and I reached the venue 45 minutes late when it was all crowded with people, His disciples from all over the world.


His Holiness leading a public prayer offering!

One of the biggest conveniences of being a blogger-you MAY get consideration for the front row 😉


Crowd joining in prayers


A view of the gathered crowd joining in prayers


The statue of the Buddha at Buddha Jayanti Park in New Delhi

For me this meetup was about creating community with like-minded Buddhist oriented friends from all traditions. This is a place to spend time with folks who are passionate about their path, as well as looking for friends to spend time with. InstagramCapture_10dad094-5579-4a44-86d0-704d0fb38276InstagramCapture_840a162b-15e9-4362-9fb5-f6a500641a83InstagramCapture_c4edb90a-71ba-4555-bfff-20a7d3694b12InstagramCapture_b3b149fa-f2b2-4d20-8f35-f40a5cf06127

Girls in their beautiful traditional outfits!

I am always searching for spaces to meet people and learn about the vivid and inspiring journey to the heart of the rich and magical realm of Buddhist visualization and devotional practices. For people interested in Buddhism or meditation or just leading a kinder life who are up for meeting like minded people, I am connected to a Facebook page too… join me!

Feel free to message me with ideas for a round-table of 20ish people at quiet coffee shops, restaurants with side rooms, yoga studios, community centers, etc. Everyone is invited! Thanks y’all for dropping by my blog. Any and all feedback on it is welcome. Until my next post take care everyone and come back to blog.




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