The Arabian Diaries-Day 22-My Happy Place


My Happy Place-The Lagoon Park

I know that when you take the time for a few minutes every day to notice the positive, it does make a difference in your whole attitude. It does not make the problems go away but it can give you the confidence to be able to handle them a little better.

We all need a “happy place”. Whether it’s a physical space or a place within ourselves, we need somewhere where we can recharge, rejuvenate, reflect and grow as individuals. I am happy just by visiting The Lagoon Park, I can’t help the smile appear on my face 🙂  Fresh air and cool breeze on my skin makes for a very happy place. Getting outdoors and leaving the craziness behind is extremely therapeutic, sometimes I just walk round the park on my own and it brings me back to a nicer reality. xx

fotor_(288)fotor_(285)fotor_(283)fotor_(289)fotor_(291)fotor_(300)fotor_(301)IMG-20151120-WA0013I have to say that “My Happy Place” is really making me stop and really appreciate the ‘moments’ in each day that make me smile 😊

The challenge is to make your space beautiful. Make it feel like home. Most importantly, make it yours. Put your thumbprint on it. Then, take a deep breath, let it out and feel how good it is to be in your happy place! 🙂



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