A Resolution to Reflect and not Deflect

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fotor_(398)Every Year when the New Year arrives…

Suddenly we all feel at the top of the Mount Everest, we change our attitude towards change, we become little more philosophical, we are at the confluence of a defining time-zone that will re-define our future forever. The past becomes little more nostalgic, the present turns more vibrant and the future looks so exciting…and we try to seize every passing moment, this is the hour, as if we have been waiting for the entire year, it appears the whole year is abruptly disappearing from us during those very fleeting moments…we want to hold back the year going-away and we try to work the small things before the year ends, and at same time we want to plan out the big things that will mysteriously appear with the advent of New Year.

Mostly, we all have the inherent nature of resisting any form of change, primarily because we don’t want to defer our gratification. Though change is an essential element of our existence still we instinctively resist the change. But interestingly this is one change we all look forward…the change of year, and we welcome the change with lots of fun and frolic. Attitude is a matter of our outlook. There is a universal feeling and unanimous belief that with the onset of New Year, it will usher good things for us…we are brimming with joy and our mind exudes excitement.

Let the coming year be the harbinger of more HAPPINESS and better HEALTH & harvest promising HOPE and positive HAPPENINGS for all of us.

Wishing you Great Bliss 2016!

I know this will also come and go…

We all can Smile, Share & Support a little bit more in 2016 than we did in 2015

…a resolution to reflect and not deflect.


Wishing you all a very Happy Reading and Blogging!!!



***Courtesy: Nihar Pradhan

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