My First Day


Hello everyone and hello Spring!

I have just uploaded WordPress today and have been working on the layout for my website. Essentially it is going to be an e-commerce site for my painting, spiritual, home decor and jewelry collection as well as a blog. I am not a web developer so this is my first attempt. I have managed to work out about categories sub-categories etc. and i have posted my first blog post. Hurrah!

Anyway, I’ve felt quite productive today. I went out for a drive in the morning, did lots of business related things throughout the day and am now organizing my bedroom and closet. Spring always brings out the inspiration and the maniac cleaning person in me that I have an urge to switch my home decor completely and also clean out my closet, cupboards, etc.

My name is Sanchali. I am a 29 year old Indian, Blogger, Traveler, Art and fashion lover! I am married to my boyfriend of 5 years. I am a spiritual person, love writing, traveling, art and fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I’m in.

I live in New Delhi, India. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I used to work full time as a brand manager for a renowned celebrity jewelry designer but have now moved to part time as blogging gives me the space I am in control of.

When I was little I thought I wanted to be a Journalist.  As I got a little older I thought perhaps illustrating management books would be my forte. It was during my job tenure with a designer company when I first discovered my love for spirituality and art. As life progressed, my love for nature and travel continued to grow. I’ve always had an inclination towards creating anything that might be aesthetically pleasing to the public eye!

8 thoughts on “My First Day

    1. Hey Nabanita!! So good to hear from your blog posts too, very well written!! would love to read more from you, keep in touch 🙂

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