What Photography Equipment & Camera Gear I use


“What Photography equipment & Camera gear I use/is necessary in order to take pictures?”

My Photography Basics

It’s a question that I get asked a lot any time that I mention I run a photography website or meet anyone who shares my passion for photography.

In terms of the equipment and gear, I have only made innocent purchases so far. I currently own a Nikon D7200 and two lenses for my photography. For portraits, I use the 18-140mm and for product/food I use the 50mm lens.

While capturing a long exposure or slow-shutter photograph, I use a @sony VCT-R640 tripod. I haven’t yet explored the lighting set ups, I am mostly using natural light trying to keep it cost effective.

Here’s what my photographer friend and mentor quotes..

When I started photography, I felt intimidated by the list of essential photography equipment I thought I needed.

Practice soon made me realise that the latest gear means nothing without skill and a good eye. 

Sometimes we all get photography-equipment-envy. But think about past photographers who worked with very basic gear.

Many of them didn’t have access to camera gears or extensive lighting kit. And they certainly couldn’t buy gear online.

I take my inspiration from their technical discipline. Their intuitive creativity with composition and natural light interests me.

Especially their responses to aperture, focal length and shutter speed.

Reducing my gear forces me to get the basics right. I have to consider settings, subject matter, composition, and lighting.

Practice relentlessly. And rely on your photographic skill and experience. 



Covid-19 Crisis In India: Here’s How To Support | Help India Fight

Help India Fight – An Initiative By Sanchali Roy

Help India fight the devastating second wave of Covid-19. To donate to any of the organizations mentioned in this description, please click on the link below. Besides donating, I’m also sharing this video which provides an extensive and growing list of resources that are available to anyone that can and wants to help.


1. Feeding From Far – https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/Feed…

2. Hemkunt Foundation – https://linktr.ee/hemkuntfoundation

3. Milaap – https://milaap.org

4. Khalsa Aid (UK) – https://www.khalsaaid.org/donate

5. All World Gayatri Pariwar, USA & Canada – https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/cam…

6. Manav Sadhna – https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/Mana…

7. Feeding India By Zomato – https://www.feedingindia.org/donate/h…

8. Ketto – https://linktr.ee/kettoindia

9. 200 Million Artisans – https://200millionartisans.org

10. Desai Foundation – https://linktr.ee/desaifoundation

11. CARE India – https://www.careindia.org/donate/

If you can’t afford to donate large amounts to the cause, donate your time And please share this video as much as you can so we can save lives of our people and loved ones who wouldn’t die otherwise if not for the crisis.

Instagram Baby Brand Rep

How To Become Famous On Instagram | Tips For Beginners On How To Become A Brand Rep on Instagram

About, Lifestyle

There are many tutorials on how to become a Brand Rep on Instagram..but I lovvve you all so I decided to do it anyway..Enjoy! Many different companies use “Brand Reps’’ to help drive business. In this video I shared 8 useful tips from my personal experience of getting my 3 year old daughter into Instagram Brand Repping but this applies to all age groups. I hope you find this video helpful when starting your Brand Repping Career.

HIGHLIGHTS of the video for those who do not want to watch the FULL Video: Drag Video To

1:23 Seconds – 1. What is Brand Repping?

2:17 Seconds – 2. Contract.

2:54 Seconds – 3. Devices to take Photos.

3:42 Seconds – 4. Hashtags.

4:19 Seconds – 5. Tag the Brand.

4:55 Seconds – 6. Advantages of Brand Repping.

5:51 Seconds – 7. Disadvantages of Brand Repping.

6:29 Seconds – 8. Information at a Glance.



Breast Cancer – Show You Care!!


Shouting Out Pink 🎀 with treats from the sweetest team at Cakes and Bakes and one of the classics of the 80’s Pretty in Pink. You can order these treats throughout October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

October is one of my favorite seasons. I think of leaves changing, Halloween, pumpkins, and I also think of awareness. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It is a month to love ourselves and our bodies – to show our support in whatever way we can – whether it’s sporting a pink ribbon, participating in a run, or learning more about the issue.

Help us honor those at every step of the breast cancer journey by sharing the story of how you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer. We will share these stories throughout the month of October on our social media platforms to encourage others facing breast cancer.

Photography – Food on Wood

About, Décor

As my appreciation and interest in food photography began to grow, I looked for ways to get better. One thing I realized was how important the presentation of the entire picture was.

Aged wood backgrounds really bring character to a food photograph. They seem to have an incredibly weathered look that’s capable of taking an ordinary bowl of mac & cheese and making it look insanely sophisticated, elegant, and even rustic.

I had a job with a major client last week and they had this amazing wooden interior. Their modern design with wooden furniture, flooring and ceiling, wooden dining furniture and shelves not only enhanced my photographs, but also helped me get some magical clicks!

Are you thinking about creating a wooden background for yourself to take food pictures on? Well, if you happen to be a DIY person (or know someone) then I highly recommend building your own reversible food photography table top.

I also recommend investing in a set of Lowel EGO lights. They give off a nice soft light that will elevate your photo quality even more.

Instagram Famous – Get Reposted by Big Brands


One of the fastest ways to grow your Instagram following is to be reposted or tagged in photos posted by brands or accounts with lots of followers. While there isn’t exactly a go-to “recipe” for getting reposted, there are plenty of things you can do that aren’t too time-consuming to improve your chances! Follow these steps and you’ll be reposted in no time.

Research The Types Of Photos They Repost

Reposted by Vapiano

Let’s be honest. If you’re trying to get reposted by a brand who has never once reposted another user’s content, your chances of getting reposted are slim to none. Notice this when you’re creating a “wish list” of brands that you’d love to get reposted by. Do they post user-generated content? If so, what type of content is it? Simple? Flat-lays? Scenic? Bright? Moody? Notice what they tend to repost, and try to emulate this style in the image you plan on tagging them.

Do Something Different With Their Product Or Space

While you want to ensure that your photo matches their style, you’ll also want to make it stand out. Big brands get tagged by dozens or even hundreds of users each day, so your photo will need to stand out from the rest. Try taking the photo from a different angle, add a fun holiday or themed twist to the photo, or try something completely new! They’ll love seeing your creativity and how you use their brand in real life.

@mention, Tag, & Use Their Branded Hashtags

When creating a post that you plan to tag the brand in, make sure you tag them in the photo, @mention them in the caption (if applicable), and use their branded hashtags. Most brands have their hashtags listed in their Instagram bio, but if you can’t find them there, search their most recent posts to get some ideas. For example, if we wanted to tag Urban Outfitters in an outfit flat lay, we would tag and @mention BOTH @urbanoutfitters and @uoarizona (since we’re in AZ) and use one or more of their branded hashtags, depending on the content of our photo: #UOonYou, #UOHome, #UOBeauty, #UOOnCampus, or #UOMusic (there’s tons more, too).

Don’t Post Photos That Include Competing Brands

This is something that everyone seems to overlook. If you were hoping to be reposted by Trader Joe’s and just tagged your pumpkin scone mix (it’s amazing BTW) in your breakfast flat lay next to syrup from Sprouts, Trader Joe’s probably wouldn’t care to repost your photo simply because they are tagged in the same photo at their competition. Choose your tags wisely!

Reposted by Radisson Blu

Have A Well-Branded Feed, So That When Brands DO Repost, You’ll Get More Followers!

If Trader Joe’s were to repost your previously mentioned breakfast photo and all your other photos have to do with the outdoors, their followers probably wouldn’t care to follow you if they came across your profile. However, if your other photos also incorporated pretty food or recipe pictures, then they might be more inclined! Stay branded on Instagram (tips to do so here), and you’ll be golden.

The first step in having an amazing Instagram account is to have a strategy in place! If you’re wondering how to develop the perfect strategy, sign up for our first ever online class, Branding Your Instagram and Perfecting Your Grid! You’ll be rockin’ your grid in no time!

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What Should You Post On Instagram


What Should You Post On Instagram | 10 Ideas For Creating Original Content


People are curious. By showing some of the work being done behind the curtain, you are tapping into their voyeuristic nature + allowing them to see something that’s not often shared. Maybe you give them a peek at your home office, or your business’ back-of-house that’s usually reserved for “Employees Only”. You could share progress of a current project, the making of a hair/makeup tutorial or take them behind the scenes of a photo shoot. Everyone wants to feel special + be granted VIP access, so this is a way for you to make that happen for your biggest fans.


If you’re in business, you’re most likely selling SOMETHING. Whether that’s a physical product, or you offer some sort of professional service, you should find a way to show that off in an aesthetically pleasing way. The delicate art of being a business on Instagram is really in the balancing act of sharing + selling. Meaning, you can’t just blatantly blast your advertisements in front of your followers faces 100% of the time and expect them to stick around. Figuring out how to showcase what you offer in a way that fits naturally within the parameters of a visual platform, (like Instagram), and doesn’t feel like a constant sales pitch, is key.


Think about your business’ core values, or your company’s mission statement. Is there some way to use words, maybe through pretty hand-lettering, or clever font pairing, to convey its message in the form of motivational, text-driven images? Maybe you have a well-known tagline or catchphrase that people already associate with your brand. With these quotes + phrases in mind, you can create your own text images fairly simply with apps like Canva or Pablo. Or, if graphic text elements aren’t brand-right for your business, you could still get really creative with how you share any message. Cut the words out of a magazine (ransom note style!), spell it with alphabet soup, or have an airplane write it in the sky… I don’t know, it’s your business, go crazy!


The most popular type of photo on Instagram (aside from the selfie) is the flat lay, sometimes referred to as an outfit grid (for clothing related images). And, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The product is laid out flat and the photo is taken from an aerial point of view. You can create a flat lay image with ANY product, not just clothing. In fact, I wrote a post about 5 ways to FLAT LAY here. As always, think about your personal brand + how you can best represent your product or ideas with this sort of composition.


A great way to engage + build community is by instructing your audience to provide you with a direct response. You could ask them a question with your photo + have them answer you in the comments, or inform them about your newsletter or most recent blog post, requesting that they visit the link in your profile. Create a contest or challenge + have your followers use a specific hashtag to track the engagement. Give your fans some instruction along with your images to create a more defined purpose.


Once you get into the groove, you may notice some photos seem to get more likes + comments than the others. If you track your analytics through a site like Iconosquare, you can find out what type of posts are most popular on your feed. Using that information, try dedicating a specific day to a more popular concept or photo theme. Think #throwbackthursday or #motivationmonday. This will help to take some of the planning off of your plate because the content for a particular day will always be the same theme. Come up with a specific hashtag for your series + allow your followers to participate as well. And this leads me to my next content idea…


This one is utterly amazing, because it requires VERY LITTLE WORK on your end. If you can get your followers to engage in your CTA (Calls To Action), or contribute to your weekly series, then you can turn around + use the photos that they create (with their permission, of course) on your own feed! All you have to do is track your hashtags and scoop up the photos created by your fans, to re-post on your account. This is awesome on a couple of levels. First, you now have totally free content that you didn’t have to create on your own (saving you a lot of precious time). And second, you can now give some of your loyal followers a huge public shout out! They feel good, you feel good. Everyone is virtually hugging, UGC wins.


If you are a solo-entrepreneur, it’s probably pretty easy to “seem” human on social media, because, duh, you ARE a human. Your audience is most likely aware that it’s just little ole you, running the whole dang operation. They see you as a person, and can easily relate to you on a personal level. But if you own a company with multiple employees, operating under a company name, being seen as “human” on social media becomes a bit more challenging. However, with the right content strategy, it’s not at all impossible. Businesses, large + small, can use Instagram to showcase their talented employees, share how they give back to the community, highlight causes they support and offer an inside look into what they are all about. People like working with + buying from PEOPLE. Opening up + sharing those culture-centric pieces of your brand builds trust and shows authenticity. In turn, it might actually end up being why customers choose to do business with you, as opposed to a similar brand that hides behind their company logo.


Social media is really about being social, and creating community. That is why it’s best to only use it for promotion + business about 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3 should be about the sharing the culture of your brand, engaging with your followers, + celebrating others (perhaps in your same field) that you look up to. Think about someone who inspires or motivates you + give them props on your own feed. Maybe you took someone’s webinar or just learned something extremely valuable from another blogger or business owner. Posting about people you admire on your account is a way to give them applause and say thank you, and it also allows your followers to discover them.


A good recommendation can go a long way. You can share a product review, post an excerpt from a book you just read or recommend a podcast that you love to listen to. Sharing information like this, not only adds value to your post, but it also allows your audience to discover a little more about who you are. Of course, like all of the suggestions listed above, you’ll want to ensure that you are giving the right recommendations for your target audience. What you share should always align with your core values and relate back to your brand on some level.

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Work From Wherever Life


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How about sitting in the comfort of your bean bag and typing away on the laptop on a weekday? How about working for yourself at your own hours and making money on your own terms and conditions? How about being your own boss and having as many coffee breaks as you need? If you are not working for a company or organization, does that mean you are unemployed and jobless? Being “unemployed” and “jobless” is not such a bad thing. If you could see that it could be one of the greatest things in life. You have the freedom to hire yourself and give yourself a job and declare yourself as “self-employed”.

Work your own hours

Enjoying a wonderful brunch at Cafe Amsterdam, Bahrain while gathering content for my latest blog post

Work life by the pool. During my stay at Radisson Blu, Bahrain.

We live in a wonderful world with the latest technology trends that are changing by the minute and in this world one of the fastest growing Internet and Work from Wherever (WFW) jobs at the moment may be starting your own online retail business. This is a work from wherever job that may be a wonderful opportunity for many stay-at-home workers, especially those who love to travel and work. It is an easy job, easy to learn, and profitable, too.

There are many benefits that come from this wonderful WFW job. Commissions you make can be large. You’ll be able to help family and friends save on their shopping, all the while making a profit for yourself! With proper planning, your WFW job will be smooth sailing once you have a fixed schedule and pattern to stick to, like what time of the day you want to attend to your business and what promotion strategy you need to apply to maximize your clientele. This job leaves you with plenty of free time for the rest of the day to work on your other money-making jobs. The best part of this business is the choices and freedoms you will enjoy. Get started on a career that will literally take you places today! You, along with your family and friends, will be happy you did!








Thanks, y’all for dropping by my blog. Any and all feedback on it is welcome. Until my next post take care everyone and come back to blog.



Launched: Online Cashback Shopping Portal in India


I feel very privileged to introduce you to our Indian Online Cash-back Shopping Mall launched with several hundred merchants and expects to increase the number of participating online stores over the next several months. The Indian Mall includes many recognizable local Indian merchants including Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, CBazaar and BOOKadda as well global brand name merchants that ship to India including Bloomingdales, Sears and WWEShop. In addition, the Indian Mall includes many important travel-related sites such as Expedia.co.in, Yatra.com, MakeMyTrip, Emirates and Priceline. The Indian Mall offers a wide variety of vouchers, coupons and promotions available exclusively to Indian consumers.


Michael Hansen, DubLi’s Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “India is not only an important and growing world economy but also a thriving online market, third only to China and the US by Internet usage statistics. It is estimated that by 2015, 828 million Indians will be under the age of 35; a segment that spends 16% of their disposable income online.”

Mr. Hansen continued, “With rising standards of living and the vast growth of a mobile middle class with higher disposable incomes, eCommerce in India expected to triple over the next three years making this market a natural and important extension towards expanding DubLi’s global footprint. When determining our strategic growth plans, DubLi considers strong economic potential as well as consumer behavior. Currently, 75% of India’s eCommerce market is derived through the travel category and online retail favors apparel and consumer electronics, all of which are key strategic segments for DubLi. We look forward to serving Indian consumers with DubLi’s online Cash-back travel and shopping mall portals and are encouraged by the potential of the Indian market.”

Register here: http://www.dubli.com/T0US15R1Y

Comment below. If you want to know more Just Ask.





My First Day


Hello everyone and hello Spring!

I have just uploaded WordPress today and have been working on the layout for my website. Essentially it is going to be an e-commerce site for my painting, spiritual, home decor and jewelry collection as well as a blog. I am not a web developer so this is my first attempt. I have managed to work out about categories sub-categories etc. and i have posted my first blog post. Hurrah!

Anyway, I’ve felt quite productive today. I went out for a drive in the morning, did lots of business related things throughout the day and am now organizing my bedroom and closet. Spring always brings out the inspiration and the maniac cleaning person in me that I have an urge to switch my home decor completely and also clean out my closet, cupboards, etc.

My name is Sanchali. I am a 29 year old Indian, Blogger, Traveler, Art and fashion lover! I am married to my boyfriend of 5 years. I am a spiritual person, love writing, traveling, art and fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I’m in.

I live in New Delhi, India. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I used to work full time as a brand manager for a renowned celebrity jewelry designer but have now moved to part time as blogging gives me the space I am in control of.

When I was little I thought I wanted to be a Journalist.  As I got a little older I thought perhaps illustrating management books would be my forte. It was during my job tenure with a designer company when I first discovered my love for spirituality and art. As life progressed, my love for nature and travel continued to grow. I’ve always had an inclination towards creating anything that might be aesthetically pleasing to the public eye!