Recently Departed Lover

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Came across this really interesting display of art during an art show, which I visited recently where everything was cut in half from wall decor to canapé, the tables, wall clock, much to my surprise the television with half the screen and half a dvd player into the bargain.


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In the sense of being incomplete and fragmentary forms and structures here evokes the hollowed out presence of a recently departed lover. Part fetish and part traumatic object, they figure the impossibility of completion and the subjective destitution that it can leave behind-they are the torn halves of an integral whole to which however they do not add up.

Through this show, the artist wishes to confront the viewer with the prosaic reality of human relationships in this era of unapologetic individualism, reckless consumerism, and overbearing technology. In this show, the evolving socio-economic structures and the accompanying breakdown of traditional systems of values and beliefs have resulted in a new stage where relationships become areas of intense power struggle.

Artist: Deepjyoti Kalita

Art Show: Amour Fou

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