Hungry for More-Day 30-The Arabian Diaries

Events & Experiences

Last week I gave readers an inside scoop on the best of Western part of the neighborhood, so it is only fair to give Eastern part some love 🙂 


Eastern Part is a quaint neighborhood nestled between other little areas of Juffair such as Al Shabab Road and Bahrain’s coastline. The area is the site of frenetic building activity, with new apartment buildings and hotels constructed each year and the  suburban neighborhood houses many restaurants and retail outlets, such as McDonalds, Chilli’s, Nando’s, Asian Zyng, Dairy Queen, Hardee’s, Starbucks, Abraj Grills, and Burger King, etc.  

Generally, visitors tend to gravitate toward the Shabab Avenue, the place offers delicious food, events, a variety of shopping, and a diverse subculture of people. I’ve been to this place couple of times with my husband and friends. I call this segment of road ”The American Alley” due to the several American fast food restaurants and the numerous Americans who go there. Very Americanized! 

One also gets to see the city’s best street art and graffiti  in this part of the world. You’ll often find culture and traditions in the form of street art here.

Eastern part is a small neighborhood with a big voice. I’m starting to feel right at home now in the hustle and bustle of the city! So far, Bahrain has been a delight to the senses. The smells, sounds, lights, traffic and the entire pace of life is at first overwhelming- but it’s the cultural differences I experience in my travels that always leave the biggest impression and keep me hungry for more.

So grateful for the new friends and memories I am making and for connecting with some of my readers out on the Island! Tell us what you love about your neighborhood. 🙂 Until my next post ✌❤️🔥 




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