Northern Run

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After showing you around the western and the eastern part of my new neighborhood, it’s time again for yet another part of the neighborhood stroll and this time it’s gonna be the Northern part, my absolute favorite in the neighborhood. This part of the neighborhood has a lot to offer. I like to start at the corner of Marvida Tower ( my current apartment) and Marriott Executive Apartments and then head east. There’s a nice loop, just under 6 miles that can be done without a single traffic light. 

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I love this path, and usually take a stroll or run on it. It’s a nice scenic loop, always lots of folks are out enjoying the bike path, fishing or just enjoying a great view of the Sea and the City.  Makes for a nice morning run, or an evening sunset stroll. Lovely way to see part of Manama!! 

Will share more about the place in the coming weeks.. Now  it’s time to say good night. Good Night. Sleep Tight and Stay Healthy 🙂 



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