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I went to the Bahrain International Circuit on December 16. It was my first race circuit experience and a fantastic one altogether. Bahrain itself is an incredible country, experiencing that furious development the gulf has recently become famous for. The circuit is 30 km from Manama (from where i stay) and it takes around 35 minutes to get there by car. As it was the 44th National Day of Bahrain, it took us about 3 hours to reach there due to the celebrations and heavy traffic. 

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Apologies for the quality of the photo people, they were clicked with my mobile phone and the camera modes somehow just weren’t working right that evening, but it gives a flavor of the celebrations.  

 The drive to the circuit is quite incredible.. scenic dessert landscape the whole way, then suddenly the massive entrance to the complex and the huge round princes tower suddenly pops into view. Its literally in the middle of the dessert. The organisation and facilities were of world class standard. We were dropped off at the entrance right in front of our grandstand.

The distinctive Al-Sakhir Tower of the Formula One Racetrack rises above the surrounding desert like a beacon. If you are visiting Bahrain out of season and are curious to see what a state-of-the-art race track looks like, then you can join a 40-minute tour of the grounds, including the media centre and race control room, and even take a lap around the circuit.

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There are also opportunities to see drag racing at the circuit and to experience four-wheel driving (BD12 for 25-minute ride; BD65 for self-drive). Go-carting (BD10 for 15-minute drive) is available daily.

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