Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite

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 Good Evening from Manama!! 🙂 

Bluefield Burger Evening Snack

This place has a very light atmosphere with bright colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise somewhere, my heart always skips a beat. My husband and I joined a friend here for a quick snack as we were picking up some groceries, the service team are very friendly and the food is well priced, fresh and tasty. The drinks are presented well and again are tasty and freshly made. Try the Homemade Greek Ice tea. They are quick and convenient, a good option for a quick bite and potentially a more substantial meal.

I love Bluefield’s menu. I believe they serve the best hot-dog in the whole Bahrain. My favorites are Chicken Quesadilla, Salmon Fillet and Aegean Cheese Rolls. The breakfast menu is also very good and the Coffee is great! I will become a loyal customer for sure 🙂 A lovely place to be I’ll certainly recommend it to family and friends.

Save and share the places you love in your city in the comments below! ❤



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