Instagram Famous – Get Reposted by Big Brands


One of the fastest ways to grow your Instagram following is to be reposted or tagged in photos posted by brands or accounts with lots of followers. While there isn’t exactly a go-to “recipe” for getting reposted, there are plenty of things you can do that aren’t too time-consuming to improve your chances! Follow these steps and you’ll be reposted in no time.

Research The Types Of Photos They Repost

Reposted by Vapiano

Let’s be honest. If you’re trying to get reposted by a brand who has never once reposted another user’s content, your chances of getting reposted are slim to none. Notice this when you’re creating a “wish list” of brands that you’d love to get reposted by. Do they post user-generated content? If so, what type of content is it? Simple? Flat-lays? Scenic? Bright? Moody? Notice what they tend to repost, and try to emulate this style in the image you plan on tagging them.

Do Something Different With Their Product Or Space

While you want to ensure that your photo matches their style, you’ll also want to make it stand out. Big brands get tagged by dozens or even hundreds of users each day, so your photo will need to stand out from the rest. Try taking the photo from a different angle, add a fun holiday or themed twist to the photo, or try something completely new! They’ll love seeing your creativity and how you use their brand in real life.

@mention, Tag, & Use Their Branded Hashtags

When creating a post that you plan to tag the brand in, make sure you tag them in the photo, @mention them in the caption (if applicable), and use their branded hashtags. Most brands have their hashtags listed in their Instagram bio, but if you can’t find them there, search their most recent posts to get some ideas. For example, if we wanted to tag Urban Outfitters in an outfit flat lay, we would tag and @mention BOTH @urbanoutfitters and @uoarizona (since we’re in AZ) and use one or more of their branded hashtags, depending on the content of our photo: #UOonYou, #UOHome, #UOBeauty, #UOOnCampus, or #UOMusic (there’s tons more, too).

Don’t Post Photos That Include Competing Brands

This is something that everyone seems to overlook. If you were hoping to be reposted by Trader Joe’s and just tagged your pumpkin scone mix (it’s amazing BTW) in your breakfast flat lay next to syrup from Sprouts, Trader Joe’s probably wouldn’t care to repost your photo simply because they are tagged in the same photo at their competition. Choose your tags wisely!

Reposted by Radisson Blu

Have A Well-Branded Feed, So That When Brands DO Repost, You’ll Get More Followers!

If Trader Joe’s were to repost your previously mentioned breakfast photo and all your other photos have to do with the outdoors, their followers probably wouldn’t care to follow you if they came across your profile. However, if your other photos also incorporated pretty food or recipe pictures, then they might be more inclined! Stay branded on Instagram (tips to do so here), and you’ll be golden.

The first step in having an amazing Instagram account is to have a strategy in place! If you’re wondering how to develop the perfect strategy, sign up for our first ever online class, Branding Your Instagram and Perfecting Your Grid! You’ll be rockin’ your grid in no time!

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