Just a Ceylon – Assam Tea for me, please!


Dark, cold mornings can make getting out of bed a harder task than it already is. As the temperature falls, a little warmth goes a long way ☕️

☕️ Recently, I’ve got my hands on a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas from Lord Nelson Lidl Deutschland and I’m completely hooked 😋

🌱 It’s 100% organic

🌱 High aromatic taste

🌱 Refreshing

🌱 Infusion time: 3 min

I generally drink my black and green tea with honey (depending on my mood, I add a slice of lemon or sometime I put a stick of cinnamon.) Other time I like it to be brewed properly for about 5 min and then add little milk and sugar (2 Tsp). What is your favorite kind of tea? And what do you like to put in your tea?


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