Post Scrubbing Essentials – THE FACE SHOP Moisture Emulsion


If you’ve been curious what to do after exfoliating face, the main takeaway is to stay moisturized! After exfoliating, the skin is going to be at a more sensitive state than usual. This is why it’s important to give it time to recover, by allowing it to calm and repair itself with a hydrating Emulsion.

What is an emulsion, and how is it different from a moisturizer? In this blog post, I will break down everything you need to know about emulsions, a hero product in the K-beauty routine.

🌼 Emulsions are lighter versions of moisturizing creams. Unlike most heavy facial creams, emulsions are typically water-based, which means they go on lighter and thinner than creams. Emulsions absorb into the skin much more quickly and don’t sit on top of the skin the same way some creams do.

🌼 So what do emulsions do?

Emulsions offer many of the same benefits of a cream, just in a lighter formula. They’re formulated to act as a moisture lock that seals in all the hydration and benefits of your essence and serums. Many people use emulsions as a continuance of their treatment products, not just as a moisturizer.

🌼 When do you use it?

Emulsions are the in-between product between serums and creams. It’s not quite as light as a serum, but not quite as heavy as a cream. Similarly, it isn’t as concentrated as serums, but more targeted than heavy creams.

🌼 Emulsions for each skin type:

1. For very oily skin, emulsions can be an great option as your final moisturizing step before applying SPF.

2. For combination and acne-prone skin, you can use an emulsion to target oil, blemishes, and excess sebum.

3. Normal skin types can still obtain benefits from emulsion even if they don’t have a skin concern they want to target.

4. For sensitive skin, emulsions are perfect to promote healthy, nourished skin without irritating it or penetrating deep enough to provoke inflammation and redness.

5. And if you’re in my camp and struggle with dry skin, emulsions are seriously a life-saver.


The Face Shop Moisture Lotion Tonique & Emulsion Travel Kit

🌼 Bottom Line

Just like treatment products, what emulsion you use and how you use it really depends on your specific needs. But whether you’re trying to find a lighter moisturizer for humid weather, or you’re looking for another layer of moisture to keep your skin from drying out, emulsions can certainly find a way into your routine. And, take it from me, you’ll be happy once they do.


~ Sanchali


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