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I specialize in various kinds of Photography – Agency, Startups, Headshots, Team Shots, Events, Product.

For me photography is both a hobby and a profession

I worked really hard to build my skill in photography and got involved in exciting projects. I find joy in photography which lets me enjoy many activities, I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures. Photography to me is a passport to meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and discovering common ground as well as differences. To put it simply, it’s a way for me to tell a story with a series of photographs and creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries.



A Photowalk Project by Sanchali that celebrates and focuses on the influence of Women in Frankfurt, their area of expertise, their contribution to the society and the difference they are making.

Wanting a shoot to capture more people (5+ individuals)? Perhaps you’re holding a training day and need headshots and some other group content, you can now book me in for an hour or two for headshots, team shots and some candids.

With the world relying on digital and social media now more than ever, there are so many opportunities for photographers to have their work seen. When it comes to beautifying your online space, a big part of having a stunning website also means having high-quality, beautiful photography. Get in touch with me to schedule a quick call and define a custom project that you need help with.

Food photography is a big part of my life as I started my blogging career as a food blogger. I am experienced in attending blogging events organized by Restaurants and later got directly employed as photographer to shoot their food, usually with either one of two key objectives, i) to generate content to support their brand, e.g. brochures, website, menus, press releases and ii) for social media use. If you plan on hiring me as your food/product/restaurant photographer, you can simply supervise the styling session or leave it to me.

Apart from photography and videos, and writing for my own blog I also write content for other websites also called ‘guest blogging’ it helps me exponentially, to get more photography clients through other websites. It helps me connect with the vendors I write for, also increases my reach by reaching their audience. Like this I have the prerogative to share my mind with the new readers and form connection with them.


Do you want me to Shoot your


There could be any number of other packages included or excluded, depending on your projects precise setup and requirements. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your Custom Package.


The easiest way to get in touch with me is via

Instagram DM https://www.instagram.com/photographybysanchali/ OR

Email at sanchali@sancsuum.com

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