BASED IN FRANKFURT, I specialize in various kinds of Photography – Agency, Startups, Headshots, Team Shots, Events, Product. For me photography is both a hobby and a profession I worked really hard to build my skill in photography and got involved in exciting projects. I find joy in photography which lets me enjoy many activities,Continue reading “I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER”

What Photography Equipment & Camera Gear I use

“What Photography equipment & Camera gear I use/is necessary in order to take pictures?” It’s a question that I get asked a lot any time that I mention I run a photography website or meet anyone who shares my passion for photography. In terms of the equipment and gear, I have only made innocent purchasesContinue reading “What Photography Equipment & Camera Gear I use”

25 Tips for Shooting a Music Festival

Photographing a music festival is one of the best experiences you can have as a gig photographer.  The opportunity to shoot a variety of artists in one location can be hugely rewarding and great for your portfolio.  However, the days are long and demanding, and the schedule relentless. In this article, you will learn someContinue reading “25 Tips for Shooting a Music Festival”

And Into The Forest I Go – Tierpark Hagenbeck Hamburg

Last week I went to Animal park Hagenbeck, the wildlife park in Hamburg and had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours photographing in the lovely landscaping with lots of mature trees and gardens. The best time to visit the zoo is now when the days are dry and sunny, it doesn’t rain as often and theContinue reading “And Into The Forest I Go – Tierpark Hagenbeck Hamburg”