Change is Around the Corner

          Here’s what the bible says,” Call those things that are not as if they are and they shall be.”

Good Happy Wednesday Evening! I just find myself always drawn to colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise in there as well, my heart always skips a beat. I get this feeling that a change is just around the corner, all I have to do is turn it!gyI’m sharing a little something that was in my heart this morning, if it’s for you great if not, pass it on maybe we’ll help someone together today! 🙂  I know there’s a lot of people out there looking for change. If you need to make a change, make it, if you are thinking about making a change, solidify that decision. The worst decision you can ever make is indecision. Make a point this week to really make an effort to must figure it out.

I am planning on adding a little turquoise to my life!  ❤

                      Stay Fired Up, Stay Focused, Stay Free………..



Published by Sanchali

Doin' stuff on the internet since 2002. Lover of food and travel, Content Creator, Mom of a beautiful girl, Wife to a great Husband, Editor, Social Ambassador & Influencer, love Photography & Videography, love to talk/write about Lifestyle-Food-Coffee-Shopping-Beauty-Gifts-Jewelry. For collabs & reviews, you can reach out to me at

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