Photography – Food on Wood

As my appreciation and interest in food photography began to grow, I looked for ways to get better. One thing I realized was how important the presentation of the entire picture was. Aged wood backgrounds really bring character to a food photograph. They seem to have an incredibly weathered look that’s capable of taking an … Continue reading Photography – Food on Wood

Café Amsterdam – Enjoying the Summer Sunshine in Bahrain

Located in Adliya alongside its sister restaurant La Vinoteca Barcelona, Café Amsterdam is based in a cozy and cute Dutch canal-style building reminiscent of the back streets of Amsterdam. The european architecture shouldn’t mislead you, this restaurant is located in the bohemian neighborhood in Manama, Bahrain. In the heart of Bahrain's fine dining neighbourhood, Café Amsterdam's … Continue reading Café Amsterdam – Enjoying the Summer Sunshine in Bahrain

Change is Around the Corner

          Here’s what the bible says,” Call those things that are not as if they are and they shall be.” Good Happy Wednesday Evening! I just find myself always drawn to colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise in there as well, my heart always skips a beat. I get this feeling … Continue reading Change is Around the Corner

Boost what light you have by adding mirrors – even small, decorative mirrors.

Live Laugh Love Wall Mirror..choose from a huge selection of Decorative Mirrors from the most popular online stores at SancSuum.  Shaz Living Beaded Mirror *Rs. 2,490 * Material: Mild Steel & Glass * Color: Black & Pink * Mirror with Frame Diameter: 24 inches (60 cm) * Mirror Diameter: 11 inches (28 cm) * Quantity: 1 … Continue reading Boost what light you have by adding mirrors – even small, decorative mirrors.

Light and Décor

Dress up any corner in your home with these subtle elegance display of t-light or sphere candle holders. These simple accessories can really defines and add to the styling of a space within your home.   The Yellow Door Buddha Lamp Golden Rs. 3,150               Jalicut Brown Candle Holder … Continue reading Light and Décor

A Fairy Fact

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it's true. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. My kitchen is much more than a place where I cook food. I believe there is a strong connection between a well-kept and productive kitchen and … Continue reading A Fairy Fact

Decor ~ Birdcage Muse

There is something exceptional about adding a bird cage into the ornamentation mix of a room – it’s like informal bohemian vibe, the Victorian flavour, kind of steam-punk match. Here are some ideas to use a bird cage for décor. For lighting. House candles or stuff a bird cage with a strand of string lights. Just décor. You … Continue reading Decor ~ Birdcage Muse