What Photography Equipment & Camera Gear I use


“What Photography equipment & Camera gear I use/is necessary in order to take pictures?”

My Photography Basics

It’s a question that I get asked a lot any time that I mention I run a photography website or meet anyone who shares my passion for photography.

In terms of the equipment and gear, I have only made innocent purchases so far. I currently own a Nikon D7200 and two lenses for my photography. For portraits, I use the 18-140mm and for product/food I use the 50mm lens.

While capturing a long exposure or slow-shutter photograph, I use a @sony VCT-R640 tripod. I haven’t yet explored the lighting set ups, I am mostly using natural light trying to keep it cost effective.

Here’s what my photographer friend and mentor quotes..

When I started photography, I felt intimidated by the list of essential photography equipment I thought I needed.

Practice soon made me realise that the latest gear means nothing without skill and a good eye. 

Sometimes we all get photography-equipment-envy. But think about past photographers who worked with very basic gear.

Many of them didn’t have access to camera gears or extensive lighting kit. And they certainly couldn’t buy gear online.

I take my inspiration from their technical discipline. Their intuitive creativity with composition and natural light interests me.

Especially their responses to aperture, focal length and shutter speed.

Reducing my gear forces me to get the basics right. I have to consider settings, subject matter, composition, and lighting.

Practice relentlessly. And rely on your photographic skill and experience. 



2 thoughts on “What Photography Equipment & Camera Gear I use

  1. I like how you mentioned that it is important to consider lighting setups when having a photoshoot. My cousin mentioned to me that he wants to hone his skills as a photographer and asked if I have any idea where he can buy new camera equipment for him this holiday. Thanks to this helpful article and I’ll be sure to check a trusted professional photo supplier for quality equipment.

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