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Friends, this post is about sharing my experience as an Art Collector and how to preserve these fine artworks to make them long-lasting and durable. The Paintings you see here are by Dhananjay Mukherjee, a contemporary artist from India. He participated in more than 110 Group shows and 24 solo shows in India & Abroad. His paintings are basically a judicious mix of the abstract and realistic forms. His thoughts stem from unique imagination, which combines the real natural world with the artistic & creative world.


Krishna @ 16, Acrylic on Canvas, Size 24 x 24, Price on Request

As mentioned earlier, I am going to share a few maintenance tips which will help you keep your artwork alive for a longer period of time. Owning an expensive painting for your home or office is a matter of pride. But to make this long-lasting and durable art a part of the family for generations it needs proper care and handling. And preserving an artwork is not at all a difficult task provided you follow all the guidelines.


Buddha_4, Acrylic On Canvas, Size: 12″ X 15″, Price on request

Art always represents something unique and beautiful deserving of special care. Artworks may be masterpieces or done by upcoming artists, the support used may be paper, canvas or cloth, whatever the medium involved all artworks need to be cared for in a special manner. Paintings require and demand care if one wants them to keep giving the viewing pleasure for many years to come.

Like the setting for a diamond, the frame around a work of art is the finishing touch, the element that completes and elevates a painting, presenting it to the viewer in its best possible light. Framing, however, is an art in and of itself, and just as a good frame choice can greatly enhance the appearance of a work, a poor frame choice can drastically diminish a work.

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Santhal Lovers, Acrylic On Canvas, Size: 34″ X 32″, Price on request


Shiva3_1, Acrylic On Canvas, Size: 12″ X 15″, Price on request

Key Facts to preserve artworks:

-Avoid direct light, frame artworks using a UV-coated or no-reflecting glass.
-Do not place paintings near a heat source or air-conditioning vent.
-Mitigate the effects of pollution by framing all works using acid free mounts and boards.
-Never spray insecticides near or on stored artworks.
-Regularly inspect and clean stored artworks.
-Place paintings flat in a crate while storing.
-Never spray cleaning agents directly on a painting or frame.
-Remove mold using a soft brush and low suction vacuum cleaner.
-Be very careful while moving artworks.

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The Tree Of Life, Acrylic On Canvas, Size: 22″ X 30″, Price on request

Potential threats to artworks:

-Light: When placing lights make sure that it does not reflect on the artwork, this is the ideal distance to be maintained. Also avoid direct sunlight by not placing the works opposite windows which not only could fade the paint but also discolor the paper.
-Humidity: It is always best to avoid hanging framed pictures in humid conditions. Fluctuations and extremes in temperature and humidity levels can have a detrimental effect upon the preservation of archival materials.
-Pests: Regular inspections of stored collections provide the cheapest and safest method of safeguarding against infestation. Screening on windows and doors will aid in keeping out larger pests. In addition, fresh flowers and plants should be inspected before being placed in the vicinity of your artworks.
-Mold: Areas of high humidity and damp are highly susceptible to damage by mold growth. Any appearance of mold must be immediately removed; the best way is to use a soft brush and low suction vacuum cleaner.

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Mayavi 20, Acrylic On Canvas, Size: 16″ X 16″, Price on request


This post is dedicated to Art lovers and upcoming artists. Please send me a mail at along with a link to your blog/website/online portfolio if you wish to put up few more key facts to preserve artworks. Any feedback, critiques or comments are welcome. You can purchase our paintings by simply popping me a PM or leaving your comments below. Until my next post take care everyone.



Figurative realism~ derived from life


As you are reading I have evidently started a blog. Indeed I’ve only posted 4 articles but that is 4 more than the previous year and the year before that. So I can give myself a big TICK for that grail. Over the years i have believed in one thing-the only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday. I just want to be better.

I’m happy with the balance these days. It’s a little flicker for sure between my imaginative head and that something else mystical that wants to come through the pen. As a visual artist and as someone who tends to get lost in my own writings; I am going to do a quick post on my collection of sensational paintings Inspired by Beauty in all of us.


I always love my collections, but it just happens that this lush, beautiful piece of art is one of my favorites! The first word that comes to mind is independence, especially psychically. It reminds me of a women diving deep for a great pearl of wisdom. I love that I’ve found a way of getting by in this world doing what I love. I feel incredibly fortunate! More than that, this painting gives me an immediate inner thrill or a feeling of strength in women ~in the hope for the future, and power of creation. Women are strong and beautiful, and can be on top of their world, if only they believe they can be.


Figurative Women by Hariram Hiranandani

Title: Figurative Woman, Artist: Hariram Hiranandani

Sancsuum Badge: SAN002

Category: Oil Painting

Size: 71X92 cm

Available to order. Price: On Request

I always feel the need to mention that I am not an adept in writing; this is just how I do things…lately. There are likely better ways to do all of this, but I learned a ton from reading about how other artists’ work, so I will be forever trying to return the favor.

Thanks ya’ll for reading! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.



Effulgence Personified


Tartan Day

Day One


Let the effulgence personified (i.e., Krishna) shine within our hearts. He is wearing a bright peacock plume on His head, His face is steeped in sweet beauty, His fresh youthfulness is bursting forth, and His flute is pouring out murmuring, nectarous sounds of rapture. On all sides the milkmaids of Vraja, who have blooming, bud-like breasts, worship Him in adoration. Indeed, He is, amazingly, the only enjoyer and the only source of enjoyment in the entire universe.

Krishna@16-Lord Krishna Painting Series by Mr. Dhananjay Mukherjee

Sancsuum Code: SAN001

Acrylic on Canvas

Size (inches): 15X15

Price: On Request. Available to order