Decor ~ Birdcage Muse


There is something exceptional about adding a bird cage into the ornamentation mix of a room – it’s like informal bohemian vibe, the Victorian flavour, kind of steam-punk match. Here are some ideas to use a bird cage for décor.

  1. For lighting. House candles or stuff a bird cage with a strand of string lights.
  2. Just décor. You can find a gorgeous vintage bird cage, and it would be a great décor piece in itself – next to a potted plant or a vintage mirror frame. Maybe you can put some antique books inside a large bird cage – it’ll be a great idea.
  3. There are also stands and flat racks that are in the shape of a bird cage. The flat ones can be used to hang up photographs, or to hang and organize your jewelry in your bedroom.
  4. Birdcages make great housing for plants – no matter, natural or artificial ones.
  5. if you are looking to create a centerpiece arrangement, a bird cage can be used as an elegant accessory just like the table centerpiece.
  6. Outdoors, a bird cage can be used as a hanging planter or bohemian decor piece.

a c d e

I have been really busy lately, so I haven’t had a chance to go out for leisure and shopping but I truly enjoy handpicking a couple of them online. Although even just skimming through them, I found so many pretty cages I want to own to add to my collection.

I tried to order two Birdcages off of one of one of my favorite online stores that sell Vintage products, they were about Rs. 2900 each (I wanted to order 2 cages), with shipping, the cost came to over Rs. 6000! That is insane! 33 (3) bb

Now you know why these cages made me so happy.
Is there anything that has made you happy lately?




A Sweet Soiree..!!



Fotor051620554Many of us look to enjoy the evenings by inviting friends, family and coworkers to our homes for gatherings and BBQ’s.  I am amazed to see how many ideas and themes are coming up on arranging a stylish party on your rooftop or backyard. There are so many cute ideas that would be perfect for not only a wedding, but for a birthday party, baby shower, anniversary or even a lunch or a dinner party.

My favorite terrace and backyard vintage party ideas and elements are:

  • A Vincent Vase
  • Orchids
  • A Simply Chic Blue Calla Lily Bunch
  • A sweet Love banner
  • A Turquoise Checks Table Cover With Napkins
  • A Cute tooth pick holder
  • A Coaster Set
  • Cute Canisters and Food Jars
  • and MORE!

Food and Candy Jar


Coaster Set


Quattro Jar


Pilsner Tumbler


Turquoise Checks One Table Cover & Napkins


Love banner


Cake Stand


Large Serving Bowl


Cookie Jar


Sugar Jar


It is so much fun designing this very simple, yet classy vintage look for the guests. One can further include wild flowers, candles, twine, pearl, lace, burlap, glass, tin and feather accents to play up with the table. These items to be used in your terrace and backyard vintage parties can be ordered here

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the ideas!