Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)

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Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)

Artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions can be confusing, so we made an easy Christmas tree setup guide to explain it all. In this video, we shared the ways that we use on our tree to get the look we love. We also shared step by step instructions on how to decorate an artificial Christmas tree from start to finish, to give your tree that full, beautiful look.

HIGHLIGHTS of the video for those who do not want to watch the FULL Video:

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2:38​ Seconds – 1. Ready The Tree

3:32​ Seconds – 2. Gather Supplies

4:28​ Seconds – 3. Light Your Tree

6:31​ Seconds – 4. Add The Ribbon/Garland

8:09​ Seconds – 5. Add Decorations

8:32​ Seconds – 6. Add Ornaments

8:48​ Seconds – 7. Add Filler

9:30​ Seconds – 8. Embellish With Extras

11:20​ Seconds – 9. Add A Tree Topper

14:19​ Seconds – 10. Wrap Your Gifts

Always remember, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas tree come to life and there are so many different materials and styles out there that can be used to create a look your whole family will love. Each Christmas tree says something about the type of person you are and the things you cherish.

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Gift Wrapping Essentials – https://www.tedi.com

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Merry Christmas ❤️



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