Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)

Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog) Artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions can be confusing, so we made an easy Christmas tree setup guide to explain it all. In this video, we shared the ways that we use on our tree to get the look we love. We also shared step by stepContinue reading “Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)”

First time decorating the Christmas Tree

Hey Loves, welcome back to my BLOG. This was definitely the most challenging XMAS scene I have ever directed, staged and starred in 😄😄, BUT it’s the one I will remember forever. First time decorating a Christmas Tree. We wish all those who are celebrating a magical day filled with love, happiness & lots ofContinue reading “First time decorating the Christmas Tree”

A flight of fantasy to Macau

Macanese moments are well presented in these photos. Now, I learned that even if a place is as small as Macau, one should never underestimate the great treasures that can lie within. “First birthdays are for the parents’ benefit, to celebrate surviving the first year and remember the day you gave birth. Do whatever you fancy.Continue reading “A flight of fantasy to Macau”