Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)

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Setting Up A Christmas Tree Tutorial (Christmas 2020 Vlog)

Artificial Christmas tree assembly instructions can be confusing, so we made an easy Christmas tree setup guide to explain it all. In this video, we shared the ways that we use on our tree to get the look we love. We also shared step by step instructions on how to decorate an artificial Christmas tree from start to finish, to give your tree that full, beautiful look.

HIGHLIGHTS of the video for those who do not want to watch the FULL Video:

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2:38​ Seconds – 1. Ready The Tree

3:32​ Seconds – 2. Gather Supplies

4:28​ Seconds – 3. Light Your Tree

6:31​ Seconds – 4. Add The Ribbon/Garland

8:09​ Seconds – 5. Add Decorations

8:32​ Seconds – 6. Add Ornaments

8:48​ Seconds – 7. Add Filler

9:30​ Seconds – 8. Embellish With Extras

11:20​ Seconds – 9. Add A Tree Topper

14:19​ Seconds – 10. Wrap Your Gifts

Always remember, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas tree come to life and there are so many different materials and styles out there that can be used to create a look your whole family will love. Each Christmas tree says something about the type of person you are and the things you cherish.

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Gift Wrapping Essentials – https://www.tedi.com

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Balance Bike For Kids / You’ll Always Remember Your First Bike / A Girl And Her Bike / Hudora Bikes


There are big milestones and little wins, that together add up to ensure a healthy, happy child. If you want your child to be an early beginner in cycling, but not sure WHEN and HOW you choose to teach your child to ride a bike, I hope this video helps you get started.


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Right Accessories – Make a Good Impression

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Two of my favorite fashion quotes revolve around accessorizing and they are good guidelines to follow:

“When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” –Coco Chanel.

“Last thing on, first thing noticed.” Carson Kressley

Dressing for success includes your outfit, personal grooming, and accessories. Clients and business associates pay attention to details, and so should you. Even the ring you wear says something about who you are.

Pulling together an overall corporate image is especially important for work-at-home mom bloggers, and business women who work from home. To get big contracts, you need to appear successful. Looking ill-groomed or like you just came from the grocery store, conveys a message that you may not take business meetings seriously.

Following tips for adding accessories to your business or blogger wardrobe will help you look your very best.


Rings, bracelets, and necklaces can make or break an outfit. The most important thing to know about jewelry is to not mix your metal colors. If you are going to wear silver-colored jewelry then wear all silver-colored. Note that this doesn’t mean that your metals must all be the same. If you are wearing a white gold ring but it matches your silver pieces this is perfectly all right.

When first exploring the world of accessories, you will tend to over-do it and wear too many. For the fashion initiate here is my rule: you may wear one ring, one bracelet or watch, and one necklace at the same time. Either buy the most expensive pieces you can afford in your budget or pieces that are extremely inexpensive but meaningful.


It is fine to wear tasteful scarves in the business or blogger events; just make sure they are accessory scarves and not winter wear.  Tie your scarf in an infinity knot or go with a simple knot — resist the urge to be trendy and tuck it into your belt.

Choose colors that complement your overall look and not that compete with it.  If you wear a chunky scarf, size down your jewelry (and skip wearing a necklace).


The world of watches can be profoundly confusing and expensive if you don’t know what to buy. I am no watch expert but I suggest if you can afford an expensive watch you can’t go wrong with any well-known brand.


Purse colors should coordinate with your shoe color.

A good purse should be small or medium, but easy to open in case you need to find an item inside.
Accessories like makeup, jewelry, and even your journal and pen should not be overlooked. They are tools that you can use to convey a positive and winning message about yourself and your ability to succeed.
Not everyone is this calculating in their decisions, but everyone looks at outward appearances and makes quick judgments about what the little things say about a person. When developing your personal sense of style and fashion, you should not overlook the value of accessories. These are the last items you should be putting on when dressing, ACCESSORIES.