Launched: Online Cashback Shopping Portal in India

I feel very privileged to introduce you to our Indian Online Cash-back Shopping Mall launched with several hundred merchants and expects to increase the number of participating online stores over the next several months. The Indian Mall includes many recognizable local Indian merchants including Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, CBazaar and BOOKadda as well global brand name merchants that ship to India including Bloomingdales, Sears and WWEShop. In addition, the Indian Mall includes many important travel-related sites such as,, MakeMyTrip, Emirates and Priceline. The Indian Mall offers a wide variety of vouchers, coupons and promotions available exclusively to Indian consumers.


Michael Hansen, DubLi’s Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “India is not only an important and growing world economy but also a thriving online market, third only to China and the US by Internet usage statistics. It is estimated that by 2015, 828 million Indians will be under the age of 35; a segment that spends 16% of their disposable income online.”

Mr. Hansen continued, “With rising standards of living and the vast growth of a mobile middle class with higher disposable incomes, eCommerce in India expected to triple over the next three years making this market a natural and important extension towards expanding DubLi’s global footprint. When determining our strategic growth plans, DubLi considers strong economic potential as well as consumer behavior. Currently, 75% of India’s eCommerce market is derived through the travel category and online retail favors apparel and consumer electronics, all of which are key strategic segments for DubLi. We look forward to serving Indian consumers with DubLi’s online Cash-back travel and shopping mall portals and are encouraged by the potential of the Indian market.”

Register here:

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A Sweet Soiree..!!


Fotor051620554Many of us look to enjoy the evenings by inviting friends, family and coworkers to our homes for gatherings and BBQ’s.  I am amazed to see how many ideas and themes are coming up on arranging a stylish party on your rooftop or backyard. There are so many cute ideas that would be perfect for not only a wedding, but for a birthday party, baby shower, anniversary or even a lunch or a dinner party.

My favorite terrace and backyard vintage party ideas and elements are:

  • A Vincent Vase
  • Orchids
  • A Simply Chic Blue Calla Lily Bunch
  • A sweet Love banner
  • A Turquoise Checks Table Cover With Napkins
  • A Cute tooth pick holder
  • A Coaster Set
  • Cute Canisters and Food Jars
  • and MORE!
Food and Candy Jar
Coaster Set
Quattro Jar
Pilsner Tumbler
Turquoise Checks One Table Cover & Napkins
Love banner
Cake Stand
Large Serving Bowl
Cookie Jar
Sugar Jar


It is so much fun designing this very simple, yet classy vintage look for the guests. One can further include wild flowers, candles, twine, pearl, lace, burlap, glass, tin and feather accents to play up with the table. These items to be used in your terrace and backyard vintage parties can be ordered here

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the ideas! 




10268421_10203750037580238_1581768733978896177_nSummer is creeping up fast here in New Delhi! Summer is all about florals and fruity fragrances. Its the perfect time to get yourself a brand new perfume that smells every bit of summer! I am falling in love with this refreshing summer scent of Heat Rush (a gift from a fren). It is less fruity and feminine than some scents of summer. ❤ This divine Perfume Fragrance, Shower Gel and Body Cream smells just like bottled up happiness.

It’s amazing how much a new scent can change your outlook, your mood, and your style! A trip to the perfume counter can be a little intimidating – all those perfumes!– but  a little guidance goes a long way. It took me a long time to pick the perfect signature scent for myself. I recently repurchased ‘Chance’ by Chanel, I could not but mention my favorite perfume, I am now on my fifth bottle, and I have never loved it as much.chan

Perhaps I can accredit my love for this perfume to the fact that I first got it as a birthday present when i was living in Guwahati almost five years ago now. It was my first Chanel perfume experience, and I could not actually have picked better myself. I also think of this perfume as my lucky perfume.

Purchased at the airport during my trip to Mumbai two years ago!!




Another one of my favorites-loewe quizas pasion perfume cum deodorant. it is all about spring – it’s fresh, light, and so pretty!It’s unusual, but in a very good way… it’s sure to get you noticed. This is a classic perfume for a reason! It’s exotic yet simple, with a fresh, sweet scent.

In a word: lush. I really love this fragrance. I also adore the different shapes and sizes of these bottles. I have an entire collection of Bvlgari miniature collection perfume. If you’re indecisive, fickle about fragrances or just happen to love all of the scents in a particular collection, a miniature set is a great choice.

Minis are small, sweet and make great gifts!


It lends instant elegance and femininity to any vanity, and a great savior at times. It’s equally functional in its ease of portability. Popping one in a purse or stashing a few in a desk drawer at the office is a common habit for fragrance connoisseurs. I put aside a couple of them on my altar. Small sizes equate to greater purchasing power for the savvy shopper; it’s possible to purchase a handful of miniatures and still not pay even close to the price of a full size fragrance.


Which of these perfumes is your own favorite? Or is there another scent you’ve tried recently that I should add to my list? Let me know down below!




Quiet Repose….!!

Fotor042220265A perfect gift: Bring a little magic and whimsy into your home with the Butterfly Beauty Fairy Figurine. Crafted from resin, this accent depicts a fairy seated in quiet repose. Graceful fabric butterfly wings extend behind her. Fairy’s gown is decorated with a butterfly design. Fairy figurine is finished in glittering blue, pink and green.

I absolutely love this fairy. I collect angels and fairies and I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase.  She adds so much charm to my display. It has a soft flowing look which is just what I was looking for.

This angelic pixie statue helps me begin every day with a smile! Designed to sit atop a window ledge, garden wall or library shelf, our fawning fairy sculpture spreads her die-cut metal wings. Cast in quality designer resin, this Design Toscano exclusive fairy statue is a treasured collectible and a welcome gift for home or garden!

Embrace Being Tired

I had once heard that being tired can make one a better writer. It’s been almost a week since my last blog post, and it was time for a new one. I had another very busy and exhausting day. Okay, first I want to take a moment to confess that we do need rest. We need breaks and days off. I’ve been working 16 hours 7 days a week since the end of the first quarter, and right now all I want to do is curl up and sleep, but I had to write this article today!

Healing Crystal Balls!

I thought it would be elevating if you had a glimpse into what I’ve been up to lately. Hence, me writing this particular blog. I have been visiting exhibitions, fairs, and shows, from wholesale to shops for enhancing my knowledge of crystals.I bought new products – specifically to fill out my inventory for the occasion – I wanted to impress!

From One of the exhibitions in Malaysia!

Crystals have been adored for thousands of years for their awe-inspiring beauty and healing energies. Throughout my home I have crystals in every room to remove negative energies and cleanse the room of any unwanted vibrations which don’t serve ones highest good. It aids in bringing to my life what I choose to manifest.

I got my first crystal two years back and it was an amethyst crystal angel. I used to carry it around in my pocket, meditated with it and it felt great. I used to let it charge in the sun and in the full moonlight. I could tell I felt…different without it. It could just be a psychological thing, or maybe it really had a vibration that reacted well with mine, guess you never really can tell with these things. One day, unfortunately for no reason the crystal slipped out of my pocket and the tip broke off after which I got my second crystal and then my third and so on.

My First Crystal Angel!

So as I explore the beauty and benefits of crystals, I am looking forward to connecting and meeting people who are looking for a crystal for a particular purpose (meditation, protection, love, money, abundance, health, creativity, healing depression, weight loss etc.)


I will write more about crystals, their color, shape and vibration in my next post on Crystals.

Thanks y’all for dropping by my blog. Any and all feedback on it is welcome. Until my next post take care everyone and come back to blog.



Figurative realism~ derived from life

As you are reading I have evidently started a blog. Indeed I’ve only posted 4 articles but that is 4 more than the previous year and the year before that. So I can give myself a big TICK for that grail. Over the years i have believed in one thing-the only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday. I just want to be better.

I’m happy with the balance these days. It’s a little flicker for sure between my imaginative head and that something else mystical that wants to come through the pen. As a visual artist and as someone who tends to get lost in my own writings; I am going to do a quick post on my collection of sensational paintings Inspired by Beauty in all of us.


I always love my collections, but it just happens that this lush, beautiful piece of art is one of my favorites! The first word that comes to mind is independence, especially psychically. It reminds me of a women diving deep for a great pearl of wisdom. I love that I’ve found a way of getting by in this world doing what I love. I feel incredibly fortunate! More than that, this painting gives me an immediate inner thrill or a feeling of strength in women ~in the hope for the future, and power of creation. Women are strong and beautiful, and can be on top of their world, if only they believe they can be.

Figurative Women by Hariram Hiranandani

Title: Figurative Woman, Artist: Hariram Hiranandani

Sancsuum Badge: SAN002

Category: Oil Painting

Size: 71X92 cm

Available to order. Price: On Request

I always feel the need to mention that I am not an adept in writing; this is just how I do things…lately. There are likely better ways to do all of this, but I learned a ton from reading about how other artists’ work, so I will be forever trying to return the favor.

Thanks ya’ll for reading! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.



Effulgence Personified

Tartan Day

Day One


Let the effulgence personified (i.e., Krishna) shine within our hearts. He is wearing a bright peacock plume on His head, His face is steeped in sweet beauty, His fresh youthfulness is bursting forth, and His flute is pouring out murmuring, nectarous sounds of rapture. On all sides the milkmaids of Vraja, who have blooming, bud-like breasts, worship Him in adoration. Indeed, He is, amazingly, the only enjoyer and the only source of enjoyment in the entire universe.

Krishna@16-Lord Krishna Painting Series by Mr. Dhananjay Mukherjee

Sancsuum Code: SAN001

Acrylic on Canvas

Size (inches): 15X15

Price: On Request. Available to order 

Time for a Cuppa ~ Silver Needle

After a great first day of collecting thoughts for my blog I needed a moment to calm down, relax and enjoy the evening at South City, Gurgaon. So my friend and I decided to have a little tea party at Just for Chai. This restaurant is famous for its Nice laid back homely ambiance and it provides a beautiful attraction for people.

I wanted some iced tea but I was having a hard time choosing a flavor (As they are all very tasty and there are so many to choose from!) My friend recommended Silver Needle (white tea). It was something new and different so I decided to give it a try. He sweetened it for me and it was one of the most delicious teas I’ve ever had!


The tea has a very bright yellow/green color. It’s mellow and light at first. Then comes a very refined, fresh and comfortable aftertaste.The leaves are uniquely beautiful and silver tipped exuding royalty and an exceptional soft, smooth, sweet-silky luxuriousness, delicate and refreshing infusion with a sweet, silky ending.


I would recommend you to try this flavor If you like tea and are looking to enhance the experience, or you’re still trying to figure out which leaf is right for you; I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks y’all for dropping by my blog. Any and all feedback on it is welcome. Until my next post take care everyone and come back to blog.



My First Day

Hello everyone and hello Spring!

I have just uploaded WordPress today and have been working on the layout for my website. Essentially it is going to be an e-commerce site for my painting, spiritual, home decor and jewelry collection as well as a blog. I am not a web developer so this is my first attempt. I have managed to work out about categories sub-categories etc. and i have posted my first blog post. Hurrah!

Anyway, I’ve felt quite productive today. I went out for a drive in the morning, did lots of business related things throughout the day and am now organizing my bedroom and closet. Spring always brings out the inspiration and the maniac cleaning person in me that I have an urge to switch my home decor completely and also clean out my closet, cupboards, etc.

My name is Sanchali. I am a 29 year old Indian, Blogger, Traveler, Art and fashion lover! I am married to my boyfriend of 5 years. I am a spiritual person, love writing, traveling, art and fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I’m in.

I live in New Delhi, India. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I used to work full time as a brand manager for a renowned celebrity jewelry designer but have now moved to part time as blogging gives me the space I am in control of.

When I was little I thought I wanted to be a Journalist.  As I got a little older I thought perhaps illustrating management books would be my forte. It was during my job tenure with a designer company when I first discovered my love for spirituality and art. As life progressed, my love for nature and travel continued to grow. I’ve always had an inclination towards creating anything that might be aesthetically pleasing to the public eye!