Being a night owl – I stay up late because..

Nightbloggers 🙋🏻 In need of some inspo. Go through this and see if it can do anything for ya. Have fun! I have always been a night owl, and you’d think since becoming a parent I would have switched from night owl to early bird...but...I haven’t. Well, let me tell you... I stay up late… Continue reading Being a night owl – I stay up late because..


Beauty – Updated Top Five Favorites

Hey beauty addicts! Updated Top 5 current beauty, skin & hair favorites onto my story and beauty highlights.. ______________________________ I make no pretenses that I’m some beauty guru. But after a baby and months of seeing pictures of myself and thinking, “My skin does not look 21 anymore,” I decided I was ready to take… Continue reading Beauty – Updated Top Five Favorites

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A flight of fantasy to Macau

Macanese moments are well presented in these photos. Now, I learned that even if a place is as small as Macau, one should never underestimate the great treasures that can lie within. "First birthdays are for the parents' benefit, to celebrate surviving the first year and remember the day you gave birth. Do whatever you fancy.… Continue reading A flight of fantasy to Macau

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Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite

 Good Evening from Manama!! 🙂  This place has a very light atmosphere with bright colors, and when I see a bit of turquoise somewhere, my heart always skips a beat. My husband and I joined a friend here for a quick snack as we were picking up some groceries, the service team are very friendly and… Continue reading Bluefield Burger – A Quick Bite